Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to create certificate for any domain from free certificate authority


Before we start

Before we start we will need the domain/sub domain for which you want to generate https certificate is up and running on http.

Get Certificate, Key and CA Certificate

  1. Goto and enter your domain/sub domain and click on Create Free SSL Certificate
  2. Click on "Manual Verification" and then "Manually Verify Domain"
  3. download the file "Download File #1" and upload it to specified path
  4. Click on download certificate and download certificate, key and ca certificate.
  5. download openssl for windows from
  6. put your certificate and key in bin directory of openssl installation where you have openssl.exe.
  7. fire command "OpenSSL.exe pkcs12 -export -in cer.cer -inkey key.key -out iis-cert.pfx" where cer.cer is the certificate and key.key is the key file download from
  8. It will ask you for a password and as it again to confirm. Once you type same password twice, it will generate iis-cert.pfx that you can rename.
  9. go to iis server and select the iis server node
  10. click on server certificates
  11. click on import in the top right section and choose iis-cert.pfx and enter password.
  12. This will import ssl certificate in the iis certificate store that you can assign to any site in iis when you choose https binding.