Monday, July 23, 2012

DotNetNuke: As an E-commerce help portal

DotNetNuke is a powerful content management system. I can say this because I am following DotNetNuke and improving myself since early 4.x release of it. I decided to spend some time on highlighting some of the key projects that I have done during last 6 years, that can describe capabilities of DotNetNuke. Here is the first one. - is an online e-commerce portal. An e-commerce portal feel completed once integrated with an easy to use, and great performing CMS. As a solution is built as an answer. This site is built using DotNetNuke and is working so well.

Here is the highlight of key features:
  1. Authoring: Contents can be hidden to users unless they are approved and intended to show to end users. 
  2. Branding: Flexible enough to re-use some of the ASCX controls from e-commerce web application for branding purpose. Integration went a little tricky but no problems at all. Most of the css/js/images are used from 
  3. Performance: Performs like accessing html pages
  4. Customization: Build/customize in whatever way you can. Good examples is sub tabs module to - showing child pages are tabs. (jQuery UI, jQuery, DotNetNuke API)
  5. CDN: Capability to integrate CDN so that css, js and some static html can be steamed through CDN.
  6. SEO: Free of cost implementation of custom urls (Thanks to iFinity Friendly Url Provider), along with all the goodness of SEO. 
  7. Search: This feature isn't used on site but it can be. In built search engine to find content.
  8. Quick: Go live in no time.
Please get some time and visit and feel the strength of DotNetNuke. Notice the yslow rating and responsiveness of the site. 
I believe DotNetNuke can be smartly utilize to provide such kind of solutions in no-time. Isn't it?