Monday, January 2, 2012

Using dapper .net to log site visitors in sqlite database - Part 1

Dapper .net is a simple light weight micro ORM

I came to this library (in fact a single page) while I was learning posts related to how is built. I also noticed that the library is independent of the database, and is useful if you are using any database.

I feel it is promising, and I am going to write a very simple site visitor logging component with this. The database I will use will be Sqlite and will log all the page views into database with the user, user agent and url referrer.

There will be following two NuGet packages that I will require:
  1. Dapper .net
  2. System.Data.Sqlite (I am using x86)
I am going to use Application_AuthenticateRequest in Global.asax to add logging.

All the code will be available at

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