Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What about user Types?

Every time you start developing new solution using DotNetNuke, you probably have a question about user types. If you are creating a job site, you will probably have user types like job seeker, employer etc. Is there any way to set multiple registration and login pages for a portal?

Well, This is tricky. As there is no direct way to multiple login page and registration page. So, I generally use query string parameter to determine the registration type. Once we know which is the right registration control to render (Employer signup or Job Seeker Signup), In addition to writing signup code, I add roles to the created user.

Once you register an employee with Role "Employee" and a job seeker with role "Job Seeker" it will be easier to modify login control and place a role check for logged in user and you can correctly redirect the user to its home without having separate login pages.

Does it make sense to you? Do you have another Idea? please tell me!

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