Sunday, September 6, 2009

DotNetNuke path helper methods

1. ModulePath
Useful in – Module Development
Member of – PortalModuleBase Class

Bad Practice:
<asp:image id="img" runat="server" imageurl="/DesktopModules/ModuleName/Images/ImageName.gif"/>
<img src="/DesktopModules/ModuleName/Images/ImageName.gif%E2%80%9D" alt="Alt" />

Good Practice:
<asp:image id="img" runat="server" ImageUrl="<%= ModulePath %>Images/ImageName.gif"/>
<img src="<%= ModulePath %>Images/ImageName.gif" alt="Alt Text"/>

Please note:
a. ModulePath will correctly resolve the path to module image regardless of in whatever the tab you are using.
b. If module name is changed, it will still remain correct.
c. This is also useful when you are linking a javascript file or adding additional css reference.

2. SkinPath
Userfull in – Skin Development
Member of – Skin Class

Similar to ModulePath, SkinPath variable will help you resolve the path to your skin folder. You can use it in similar way as ModulePath.

3. Getting SkinPath in Module Development
PortalSettings.ActiveTab.SkinSrc will return an full path to your ascx control in skin folder. You can simply use System.IO.Directory.GetParent().Name get folder name.

4. Getting Domain name anywhere in your development cycle

There many in the list, but that's it for now. Happy coding:)


  1. Thanks for the sharing.
    Small typo at the end I believe:

    should be:

    Added the u in Request

  2. ModulePath in an edit control doesn't work; what do you use in that ascx?


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