Thursday, September 10, 2009

DotNetNuke: Creating a new parent portal in localhost

As we all know, dotnetnuke provides a to build a multiportal environment using a single dotnetnuke installation and I was doing that exercise in order to get that running in localhost.

So let's start building a new parent portal in local environment:
  1. Login to host and go to Host > Portals
  2. Click Create New Portal
  3. Enter portalName Parent1 and username parent1admin, and add all other required data.
  4. go ahead an create new portal.
Creating a new portal in local environment will create a new portal Portal1. Now you need to do following after completing above 4 steps.
  1. Create a new virtual directory Parent1 and point it to dnn installation that you are using to create this portal
  2. Go to Host > Sql and execute this query :
    UPDATE PortalAlias
    Set HTTPAlias = 'localhost/Parent1'
    Where HTTPAlias='Parent1' or HTTPAlias='parent1'
  3. Try accessing localhost/parent1
We are done with installing a new parent portal.
Hope you enjoyed this trick.


  1. Extremely helpful post. I've been trying to successfully create a new DotNetNuke portal accessible through an alias for a while but without any luck, until I came across your post. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, that worked a treat :)


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