Friday, July 17, 2009

Installing dotetnuke 4.x skins to dotnetnuke 5.x

  • If skin and container both are in single package, extract the zip files and rename to
  • Login to your host account in dnn 5.x installation
  • Go to Host > Extensions if you want to install the skin at host level, otherwise go to Admin > Extensions
  • Switch the mode to Edit if it is not already in Edit mode
  • Click on install extensions
  • In the Extension Installation wizard, select your file and click on next.
  • It will show you this message:
    "This package does not appear to be a valid DotNetNuke Extension as it does not have a manifest. Old (legacy) Skins and Containers do not contain manifests. If this package is a legacy Skin or Container Package please check the appropriate radio button below, and click Next"
  • It will show 3 Radio buttons, Choose Skin and click Next
  • Follow the installation wizard by clicking 'Next' throughout the wizard.
  • Now to install container of the container of the skin, rename the back to and rename to
  • Follow the same step as above accept for the radio button where you choose Skin, you just need to choose Container this time.
  • That's it. We are done with the installation! Happy Administration!
Please read the following this article about creating skin package for dotnetnuke 5.x from the skin package of the skin for dotnetnuke 4.x

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  1. You say the "following article". I see no link.


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