Thursday, March 5, 2009

Free DotNetNuke Skin - Nutica

My third free dotnetnuke skin converted from a free xhtml template. Here is a quick description:

  • Different layout support - supports one column, two column, three columns
  • Different containers - 4 containers, each for left, right and middle column and a middle column block quote container
  • Single package for skin and container, its working in dotnetnuke 4.5.5, but if its not working for you, extrack the file, and you will get different zips for skin and container, paste them to different folder and rename them with
  • Again, the limitation with this is, menu and submenu are not formated properly and not looking too good. please tell me how can we improve this?
  • Download the skin

Please give your valueable feedbacks about the skin, so that i can improve the stuff. Providing feedback will help me understanding the skins conversion, that will help me write my tutorial about converting xhtml template to a dotnetnuke skin.

Note: Free skins are in this blog are distributed under creative common licence, you can use all skins for free, but please provide credit link to my blog. Thanks

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