Thursday, February 5, 2009

Google Map Asp.Net Control

Hey friends,
Google's Map API is one of the well known apis for mapping. Integrating that api into an web applications is a challenging working and we were googling around the web for getting an control for google map api.

First of all, we implemented javascript based apis for google maps. That was working nicely. The only problem we found that map is loading after all of the content of the page is loaded. The obvious reason behind that is, we are using javascript. So we thought we can improve the code by making a server side implementation of the code.

There are lots and lots of results on the web and most of them are not usable for me, either they are not working or they are implemented in framework 3.5 and we need for framework 2.0.

After juggling with downloading codes and testing them around, finally we got a working example. here is a link: I hope this will help when you need to implement your code, and you will not have to go for google it again and again.
Happy coding :)


  1. Hello Lakhlani,

    It was a nice read. I am working on an application the UI of which consists of Tabs and IFrames. Also, for security reasons, the address bar always displays the home page URL.

    We are trying to incorporate something similar to google maps "link" feature which will provide the exact link of the particular page inside the tabs. Since javascript is being used to open the active frame containing the contents, there is currently no way to directly link to the page.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


    PS: You may contact me at my email address

  2. i wanna learn about google API, ,, it's very interesting,,


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