Thursday, February 19, 2009

converting JQuery samples into ASP.NET - Coda-Slider

JQuery is becoming popular now a days and there are lots and lots of new samples, plugings and small utilities are available across the web. Apart from the too many demos of plugins and UI, people are building nice looking samples which can be a plugable add on to your website. When I was browsing through google for JQuery samples, I see Coda-Slider, an HTML, CSS, JQuery sample that looks like a tab at first signt but when you change the tab, and actually it is, but it changes the slides stylishly.

After getting that, what i was doing is, trying to create and xml for the slides and get it working on with c# backend. So downloaded the files and just started converting it. Here is what i've done.
  • I assumed i need to dislpay different product slides on the home page of the site, so I have created the xml and placed some dummy product data into it.
  • Used sample html, and pasted all the required js and css into root directory.
  • Added the requeired code in the aspx file and used repeater for the slides
  • And that's it, i got it working.

I just name it a product slider. There are lots of improvements that can be done on it, but before that I am trying to implement it in DotNetNuke. From this code, anyone can create a module called ProductSlider, and just adjust the paths of js and renaming the css with modules.css will work.

You can download Coda-Slider from its website. You can aslo donwload version of it which i named Product Slider.

Please write back if you have troubles with implementation of dotnetnuke module.

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