Monday, January 12, 2009

How to create Web Gallery with LightBox WebGallery Generator in ASP.NET

Dear Friends,
While i was looking for a javascript slide show options across the web, i come across the LightBox WebGallery Creator . This is a simple exe file that allows you to generate html slide show from your images. I was looking to implement the same gallery in my page. I was having images in some folder of my website and the file names are coming from database table. so i was looking how can i use the light box to show a gallery with slide show.
The integration was quite simple as i required my own look and feel and i just have to get the slide show functionality working. so i copy pasted the supported files and added a simple attribute to my image tag rel='lightbox[gallery]' and it worked. :) I was expecting atleast 4-5 hours work and that makes me smile.

Hope this would also help you make the slide show plugin easily.

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